Abrasion home remedy & Abrasion home treatment for Abrasion wounds

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Abrasions are wounds that can be treated at home in a very easy manner and we need not much worry about them unless the cut is very deep.

What is abrasion, types and symptoms are mentioned in before post – Abrasion: meaning, causes, symptoms, types of abrasions

Abrasion home remedy & Abrasion home treatment

Below listed are the abrasion home remedy and abrasion home treatment for abrasion wounds.

Aloe Vera for abrasions

Take aloe vera and remove its thorns and outer skin to extract the gel. Apply this aloe vera gel on the abrasions thrice a day and allow it to dry and stay on the skin.

Turmeric for abrasions

We all know that turmeric works as an effective antiseptic and is used since old days. Take half spoon of turmeric powder and add few drops of water to make a paste. Clean the abrasion and apply the turmeric paste on the wound thrice a day. Allow it to dry and don’t cover the wound.

Germanium Tea or Sage

Dock leaves can be used as lotion for effective result to treat skin abrasion. We can also apply tea made from sage or geranium leaves on the wounds.

Lavender oil for abrasions

Lavender oil works effectively and helps in faster recovery as this oil disinfects the injury. Few drops of lavender oil can be added to Thyme tea and apply this on abrasions twice a day. Other herbs live salve made of some tea tree in addition to comfrey can be used for treating abrasions.

Vinegar for abrasion wounds

Vinegar is a natural astringent and one tablespoon of vinegar mixed in three tablespoons of warm water can be dabbed on the abrasions many times in a day, this process keep the abrasion clean.

Marigold flowers

Marigold flowers are known to have antibacterial properties that can help the wound to heal faster. For this crushed marigold flowers can be applied on the wounds to heal fast.

Diet to be followed for abrasions

Few food items can be included in the diet to speed up the healing process and no specific diet remedy is necessary for treating skin abrasion.

Other treatments for abrasions

Wash the wound properly before treating the abrasion. Wash the abrasion with cool fresh water and an antibacterial soap. It may be burning with stinging sensation but you need to wash it to prevent any infection.

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