Abrasion: meaning, causes, symptoms, types of abrasions

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Abrasion meaning: Abrasion is superficial damage on the skin as an injury or wound and affects the topmost layer of the skin.

Abrasions can be healed easily by following some home remedies

Abrasion causes

Abrasion is common in childhood and it usually happens when the sensitive skin gets in touch with a rough surface when moving which grinds or rubs off the uppermost layer of the epidermis. Abrasion may result during running, playing sports, etc.

People who suffered an accident may also have abrasions. Women sometimes may have abrasions after having sexual intercourse.

Abrasions Types

Abrasions are classified into three types based on the degree or severity of the injury.

The first-degree abrasion includes an epidermal injury on the skin and is commonly seen.

Second-degree abrasion includes minute bleeding and affects both epidermis and dermis.

The third-degree abrasion is the severe and serious form of abrasion which involves the subcutaneous layer and damages the skin.

Abrasion symptoms

Abrasions are few small injuries on the skin which are easily noticeable. Sometimes they are accompanied by the pain and can be easily identified.

Redness can be seen where skin scraps off sometimes, may also be accompanied by light fever in rare cases.

In intense abrasions, when there is more pain, bleeding, numbness, inflammation, and weakness in the area, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

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