Aldevron to expand Freiburg antibody development facility

Pharma industry news : US CDMO Aldevron has revealed its plans to expand its antibody development facility in Freiburg, Germany.

The Freiburg location of Aldevron is home to the GENOVAC antibody development platform, which became the second site for the US CDMO in 2004.

According to Michael Chambers – Aldevron Founding partner and CEO, the need for space and capacity to support the steady growth of the company in offering world class genetic immunization strategies with high-quality antibody generation to customers across the world as the main reason for the expansion.

Aldevron to expand Freiburg antibody development facility
Aldevron to expand Freiburg antibody development facility. Photo courtesy of Aldevron.

Michael Chambers said: “We have seen a marked increase in demand, and this is an investment to better serve our clients.

“We have been providing transformative antibody development solutions for all target types for more than 15 years. By expanding and enhancing our service offerings, we will be better able to respond to the industry that is continuing to grow and provide the solutions to some of the world’s biggest health challenges.”

Under the expansion plan, Aldevron will add about 4,300sft of laboratory and production space to the existing antibody development facility. The additional space will facilitate immediate room to increase in number of personnel and equipment for increased cell culture, fusion, production, and sequencing capacity. Apart from that, the expansion will also create space for new services to be launched later this year.

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