ARKRAY USA rolls out Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel

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ARKRAY USA has launched the Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel in the US, an over-the-counter pill swallowing gel to help people who find it difficult to swallow tablets, capsules, and powders.

Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel, which is a thick, hyper-slippery smooth gel, has to be taken as nearly one teaspoon on a spoon along with one or more tablets.

Said to have a pleasant vanilla flavor, the swallowing gel moistens the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat cavity to help tablets easily pass through to the stomach to be delivered and dissolved how the manufacturer intended.

Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel

ARKRAY USA launches Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel in the US. Photo courtesy of ARKRAY USA, Inc.

According to ARKRAY USA, unlike food carriers like applesauce or pudding, that are widely used to help in the swallowing of tablets, Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel quickly breaks down in the stomach and does not impact the absorption rate of the drug.

Commenting on the launch of Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel in US, Jonathan Chapman – President of ARKRAY USA, said: “Difficulty swallowing medications is a serious healthcare issue that affects millions of people of all ages in the United States,” said Jonathan Chapman, President of ARKRAY USA.

“Gagging, vomiting or choking on pills can be traumatizing. Phazix makes it easier for people who have trouble swallowing pills to adhere to their treatment plan.  ARKRAY is excited about offering Phazix as a solution to the unmet needs of the millions of people who have difficulty swallowing medications. Phazix is a simple, but effective solution.”

ARKRAY USA says that Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel is intended to be used by adults and by children, age two and older.

The swallowing gel is made up of more than 80% water and utilizes a gel-based chemistry for sheer strength that sticks to the drug from the mouth to the stomach, to materially decrease the chances that a tablet will get stuck at the time of swallowing.

After the drug reaches the stomach, Phazix Pill Swallowing Gel breaks away quickly from the former’s surface, enabling it to be digested as designed. The swallowing gel is available in a 2.5-ounce tube. Hospitals can buy single-dose stick packs in 25-count packages, said ARKRAY USA.

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