ARUP, Techcyte join forces for AI-augmented ova and parasite detection tool

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ARUP Laboratories and Techcyte have joined forces to develop a new digital diagnostics platform in the form of an artificial intelligence-augmented (AI-augmented) ova and parasite detection tool.

While ARUP Laboratories is a US-based national reference laboratory, Techcyte provides image analysis solutions powered by AI technology.

According to the reference laboratory, by digitally enabling the workflow, the physical demands of laboratorians in seeing through the microscope for longer durations of time, which includes eye fatigue and neuromuscular tension, can be reduced.

Additionally, the technology can screen out negative results faster and laboratorians can spend more time to analyze positive slides.

Adam Barker – director of Research and Development at ARUP Laboratories, commenting on the new ova and parasite detection tool, said: “The collaboration with Techcyte has produced an AI-augmented detection tool that significantly advances our diagnostic capabilities in our parasitology lab. This will allow for faster turnaround times, decreased costs, employee satisfaction and improved patient care.”

ARUP, Techcyte co-develop AI-augmented ova and parasite detection tool

ARUP, Techcyte co-develop AI-augmented ova and parasite detection tool. Image courtesy of Ben Schonewille at

The new digital diagnostics platform employs the latest convolutional neural networks for the pre-classification of the fecal sample images that are captured using a 3DHISTECH Pannoramic 250-Flash III scanner.

The Techcyte tool is used to pre-classify the images, which allows ARUP Laboratories’ technologists to manually read the stained glass slides and to enhance the detection of parasite accurately.

By integrating the reference laboratory’s extensive medical expertise with Techcyte’s digital evaluation platform for accessing samples and technical ability can generate high-quality algorithms which can be developed and applied to address unmet laboratory requirements in the future.

The ova and parasite tool is the first of many projects to be developed by Techcyte and ARUP Laboratories.

Ralph Yarro – CEO of Techcyte said: “This revolutionary partnership will combine ARUP’s vast expertise and reputation in the market with Techcyte’s AI-based image analysis capabilities to change the way lab diagnostics are performed.”

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