Amazing Asafoetida benefits in treating Stomach Upsets

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Asafoetida commonly known as hing is used in the seasoning of foods to add taste and flavor to the dishes in addition to providing many health benefits.

Asafoetida is Telugu is known as Inguva and used in talimpu/popu/tiragamatha in different regions of Telugu states.

Asafoetida or hing is a oleo gum resin that is obtained from the rhizomes or roots of Ferula foetida/ferula rubricaulis that belongs to the family Umbelliferae. Hing is extracted by making an incision to roots or rhizomes of this plant.

Hing is also known by other names as asafetida, gum asafetida and devil’s dung.

Let us check some of the asafoetida benefits in cooking and hing benefits for skin in this post.

Asafoetida for Stomach Upsets

Asafoetida benefits

Asafoetida benefits

Asafoetida or hing is really a great remedy for those who suffer from indigestion problems. So by adding asafoetida daily in cooking gives you relief from most of the stomach upsets.

Asafoetida benefits in cooking relieve you from acidity and gas problems.

To get relief from these stomach upsets, you need to add asafoetida to a glass of water or butter milk. Hing improves your digestive system and also cleanses the system.

Asafoetida for Throat Infection, Cough, Cold and Respiratory Infections

Throat infection is a common problem during winter season so when you face throat infection try this remedy using asafoetida from next time.

For this you need to add a pinch of asafoetida to honey. Also add thin sliced ginger pieces to honey and asafoetida mixture. With this you can get relief from cold and cough. This remedy helps in getting rid of all sort of respiratory infections.

Consuming some of the vegetables like cabbage, beans and potatoes may cause gas problem and stomach pain sometimes. So while cooking these vegetables add a pinch of asafoetida to prevent gas problem and stomach pain from next time.

Hing Health Benefits

Hing is a rich source of nutrients that helps in controlling hypertension which is your high blood pressure.

Hing is also very good remedy for treating menstrual problems in women.

We have already seen that hing works well in treating respiratory infections, so asthma patients can get benefit by consuming food added with hing daily so that asthma can be controlled.

Interesting thing about hing is that it fights the stress hormones and controls your mental tensions, so eat hing daily to lead a stress-free life.

Asafoetida or hing has the carminative property and is used as a nervine stimulant. It is used in intestinal flatulence.

Hing is used as a flavouring agent for sauces, curries and in pickles.

Hing is also used in veterinary medicine.

Check here about the asafoetida plant and its distribution

Asafoetida comes from perennial herbs which are found from Mediterranean region to Central Asia. They are distributed abundantly in Iran and Afghanistan.

Three species of Ferula are found in India and one of them, Ferula narthex can be found in Kashmir of India.

How asafoetida is collected and know about asafoetida preparation

The roots of Ferula herbs are cut at the upper surface and milky juice comes out from the cut portion which later coagulates.

The cut portion is then covered with a dome shaped device made from leaves and branches for preventing contamination.

After few days, the coagulated matter is scrapped off and again cuts are made to collect more of the exudate.

The collected coagulated matter is dried thoroughly and is well packed in containers. The exudate will be yellowish white that changes to reddish brown over a period of time with a bitter taste.

Asafoetida chemical constituents

Asafoetida chemical constituents consist of resin, gum and volatile oil. The resin contains asaresinotannol in free for or will be in combines form with ferulic acid. Hing also contains Umbelliferone.

Asafoetida Adulternats: Asafoetida in pure form has many health benefits but it is being adulterated with gum Arabic, rosin, red clay, gypsum, chalk, barley flour and wheat flour by some merchants.

Synonyms of Asafoetida :

Check out what asafoetida is known in other languages

Asafoetida in Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi is Hing. Asafoetida in Hindi is Heeng. Asafoetida in Malayalam is Hingu. Asafoetida in Kannada is Kayam.

Asafoetida in Sanskrit is Hinguka, asafoetida in Tamil is Perungayam.

Asafoetida in Oriyan is Hengu.

Asafoetida in German is Asandisteckan.

Asafoetida in French is Assa-foetida.

Asafoetida in Italian is Assaptida.

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