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Discover Ashwagandha, the magic Ayurvedic herb which is also called as Indian Ginseng. Ashwagandha for centuries together has been used as an Ayurvedic Sex Medicine besides playing an important role in boosting our body immunity. Also check out the many Ashwagandha health benefits and medicinal value this wonder shrub has to offer.

Ashwagandha since 3000 years has served as a wonder medicine for promoting sleep, balancing the nervous system and also restoring energy and vitality. Also known as Indian Ginseng, the magic herb Ashwagandha which originated in India has a high place in Ayurveda and is one of the top Ayurvedic immunity boosters.

Ashwagandha Morphology

“Ashwa” in Sankrit means “Horse” and “gandha” means the smell. Collectively Ashwagandha means the smell of horse. The ayuvedic herb “Ashwagadha” imparts the power, agility and vigor of a horse. This herb has been prescribed by ancient ayurvedic practitioners for strengthening their patients’ immune system especially after a prolonged illness.



Belonging to Solanaceae family, Ashwagandha’s botanical name is Withania somnifera. Traders prefer to call it Nagauri asgandha. Covered with small star shaped hairs, Ashwagandha is a plump shrub that reaches the maximum height of 1.5 meters. Ashwagandha flowers are green or yellow in color. It bears orange or red color, raising size fruits that are known for milk coagulating properties. As the name implies, the odor of the fruit and the plant as a whole is like that of a sweating horse.

Ashwagandha Cultivation

It is grown mainly in the dry areas of Arica, India, Nepal and the Middle East. Among Indian regions, Withania somnifera is cultivated in Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Sindh.

Ashwagandha Synonyms

  • Asgandh by Hindi Speaking population
  • Ashwagandha by Sankrit knowing scholars
  • Winter Cherry by English speakers
  • Asoda in Gujarati
  • Aaskanda in Bengali
  • Hirimaddina gadde in Kannada
  • Aaskandha in Maharashra
  • Ammukivann in Kerala
  • Penneru Gadda in Telugu
ashwagandha medicinal value

Ashwagandha promotes sexual vigor in both men and women

Ashwagandha Medicinal Uses

  • It works as a powerful energy tonic
  • It acts like an alternative for cancer treatment and prevention
  • Ashwagandha is full of nutrients
  • It is a power packed aphrodisiac which stimulates sexual desire
  • It also works as a nervine sedative to give sedation effect and reduce anxiety
  • It is a powerful male sexuality tonic
  • Possibly provides anti-aging effects
ashwagandha medicinal uses

Ashwagandha Medicinal Uses

Phytochemicals in Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng)

 Phytochemicals are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants.Ashwagandha is a rich source of various type of phytochemicals such as alkaloids, amino acids, sterols and neutral compounds. Withanine and somniferine are also found in abundance in Ashwagandha.

How to Use Ashwagadha

Though it is a major ingredient of many ayurvedic medicines, ashwaghadha can be used in various forms such as powder, paste of leaves or roots and also as decoction.

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

  • Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera provides energy and vigor to those suffering from constitutionals diseases like Syphills which weakens the whole system of patient.
  • Patients of rheumatic fever feel fresh energy while undergoing treatment with Ashwagandha based medicines.
  • It is used in treating impotency and seminal disability. Usually equal parts of ghee, honey and powdered root of withania.
  • It is a nutrient that works wonders for the overall health of pregnant women and aged people. They usually take it the form of decoction of its roots.
  • Glandular swelling is treated with the paste of green Ashwagandha roots. Hot water and the root is made into fine paste and applies on affected area.
  • The mixture of Ashwagandha and licorice power with the juice of emblica myrobalans is used in rectifying eye sight.
  • Withania somnifera is antibiotic and anti-bacterial and it is used in many medicines for these properties.
  • Ashwagandha is also used in coagulating milk and cheese making process.


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