AstraZeneca taps into Gatehouse Bio’s sRNAlytics AI platform for drug discovery

US biodata company Gatehouse Bio is joining forces with pharma giant AstraZeneca to accelerate the discovery of new drugs for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases using sRNAlytics, the former’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform.

According to Gatehouse Bio, the sRNAlytics platform is capable of identifying new small RNA (sRNA) signatures and can illuminate molecular pathways correlated to and potentially driving disease.

Gatehouse Bio’s CEO and Chief Scientist – Dr. David W. Salzman said that the company’s annotation library of more than 1.4M small RNA features combined with its biology-directed machine learning algorithms enable it to see signals.

Neal Foster – Chief Commercial Officer of Gatehouse Bio said: “The collaboration with AstraZeneca furthers our vision for next-gen therapeutics, delivering ultra-precise targeting of the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.

“We are continuing our solid track record of execution, building on our initial research in neurology which received a letter of support from the FDA earlier in the year.”

AstraZeneca taps into Gatehouse Bio's sRNAlytics AI platform for drug discovery

AstraZeneca taps into Gatehouse Bio’s sRNAlytics AI platform for drug discovery. Photo courtesy of AstraZeneca.

Gatehouse Bio has been collaborating with major global drug developers to incorporate its AI-driven technology into discovery, research, and development programs.

In 2018, the US bio-data company joined AstraZeneca’s Boston Bio Hub Incubator  to speed up its research, and after 18 months developed an analytical pipeline that incorporates specialized small RNA sequencing with biology-influenced machine learning algorithms for identifying new drug targets and companion diagnostics.

Kumar Srinivasan – Vice President and Global Head of Business Development and Licensing, BioPharmaceuticals R&D at AstraZeneca said: “This new collaboration with Gatehouse Bio epitomises the aim of our Bio Hub Incubator. We know the best science doesn’t happen in isolation and we look forward to working with Gatehouse Bio to explore the potential of their platform in identifying new targets for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.”

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