Beauty benefits of used herbal tea bags for dark circles

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Below mentioned are the reasons why you should not throw away the used herbal tea bags as they have many beauty benefits and many uses.

Let us check how to make use of used herbal tea bags for your beauty woes.

Herbal tea has immense health benefits in addition to beauty benefits. Herbal teas have become much popular in the recent times due to its health benefits.

Herbal teas like green tea, chamomile tea, hibiscus tea have become popular now-a-days and we throw them away after using them once.

In this post, let us see how to use them completely before throwing them away and to use them for beauty benefits.

Teabags for dark circles treatment

Dark circles and puffy eyes tend to be a common problem due to lot of stress and usage of technology that impacts the sleep cycle. Used tea bag can be used for treating dark circles and puffy eyes. For this you need to put used teabags in the freezer for half an hour and later put them on your eyes for around 15 minutes to treat puffiness and dark circles.

As skin scrub

Tear and open the used tea bag and use the tea leaves to make a homemade exfoliating scrub for your skin. Homemade tea leaves scrub can help in exfoliating the skin than branded products and helps in unclogging the pores by removing grime, dirt and dead cells from the skin.

Thus tea bags help the skin to glow and absorb nutrients which you apply after exfoliating.

Chilled tea bags also soothe the skin. Freeze or refrigerate used tea bags for half an hour and keep on the areas where your skin is prone to rashes and sunburns. Put it on the affected areas of the skin for about 15-20 minutes so that it becomes normal. Thus inflames skin is healed and rashes or burns will be reduced.

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