Bexion Pharmaceuticals launches phase 1 part 3 trial of cancer drug BXQ-350

US pharma company Bexion Pharmaceuticals has launched part 3 of their phase 1 human trial for BXQ-350 for cancer treatment.

The early stage trial is aimed at determining the maximum tolerated dose of BXQ-350 and to characterize the safety and pharmacokinetics of the investigational cancer drug.

The part 1 of the phase 1 trial saw BXQ-350 being well tolerated for all five doses evaluated with no dose limiting toxicities noticed and without any serious adverse events attributed to the therapy.

The part 2 of the early stage trial evaluated the highest dose of the investigational cancer drug in an additional 36 solid tumor patients. Bexion Pharmaceuticals said that preliminary data suggest a safe and tolerable drug profile.

The objective of part 3 will be to study safety, and additional indications in rare and gastrointestinal tumors, said Bexion Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Ray Takigiku – Founder and CEO of Bexion Pharmaceuticals said: “By enrolling patients in Part 3, we hope to gain a better understanding of the potential of BXQ-350 in treating cancer.”

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