Bonne Santé Natural Immunology nutraceutical products launched

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US nutraceutical company Bonne Santé Group has launched Bonne Santé Natural Immunology, a new range of nutraceutical products designed to boost the immune system functions.

Bonne Santé Natural Immunology is made up of three separate products that use proprietary formulas created by Jorge Lamazares, the chief formulator of the company.

Included in the Bonne Santé Natural Immunology line are a Vitamin E product called Resveratrol, and Echinacea with Vitamin C + Zinc, and also a Complete Response formula designed from the ground up with a comprehensive mix of handcrafted nutritional supplements, antioxidants, and vitamins to support the immune system.

According to the nutraceutical company, all of these formulas will be commercialized via various channels across the world with an emphasis on online sales.

Bonne Santé Natural Immunology is said to support metabolism and improve antioxidant defense.

Bonne Santé Natural Immunology product range

Bonne Santé Natural Immunology product range. Photo courtesy of Bonne Sante Group, Inc.

A.J. Cervantes, Jr. – Bonne Santé Group Chairman said: “There is a vast array of nutraceutical products which address various functions of the body.  Our formulators have been diligent in formulating products that will work to enhance the immune system as a defense from various ailments and support immune health, especially in these uncertain times with the prevalence of Covid-19 in countries around the world.”

Natural Immunology products are being produced at Bonne Santé Natural Manufacturing, an FDA-certified facility in Doral, Florida.

The entire range of the Bonne Santé Natural Immunology products will be sold via the company’s website.

Darren Minton – Bonne Santé President said: “There are no known cures or vaccines available to combat this deadly virus. All of us, however, can commence a regimen of quality nutraceutical products which can broadly support our immune defenses.  We believe our line of Bonne Santé Natural Immunology products can do just that.”

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