Britannia Pharmaceuticals apomorphine infusion succeeds in TOLEDO trial

Phase 3 trial for apomorphine infusion : British pharma company Britannia Pharmaceuticals said that its APO-go/MOVAPO (apomorphine) subcutaneous infusion has succeeded in a phase 3 trial called TOLEDO by delivering effective relief of persistent motor fluctuations in Parkinson’s disease.

The TOLEDO trial saw apomorphine infusion given for 12 weeks in 107 Parkinson’s disease patients whose symptoms could not be controlled with oral medication.

Apomorphine infusion, when compared to placebo from baseline, was shown to have produced significantly greater reductions in OFF time, that is, periods when the Parkinson’s disease medications do not work.

Professor Regina Katzenschlager – lead investigator of TOLEDO trial, said: “TOLEDO is an important addition to our knowledge, providing Level 1 evidence for the first time and confirming previous observational studies. Apomorphine infusion is effective and well tolerated by patients experiencing debilitating treatment response fluctuations despite optimised treatment.”

Britannia Pharmaceuticals apomorphine infusion meets objective in TOLEDO trial

Britannia Pharmaceuticals apomorphine infusion meets objective in TOLEDO trial. Photo courtesy of

The Apomorphine treatment, in comparison with placebo, also delivered significantly greater increases in ON time, that is, periods with good motor control, without troublesome dyskinesia. Patients could also cut down on their dosage and number of administrations of concomitant oral Parkinson’s disease medications to a significant extent following the apomorphine infusion, said Britannia Pharmaceuticals.

Professor Andrew Lees – an investigator in a pivotal clinical trial of apomorphine, said: “We hope the positive results of the TOLEDO study will help ensure apomorphine infusion, which is delivered using a small, ambulatory mini-pump, is incorporated into national PD treatment guidelines.”

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