Children consuming whole milk can reduce risk of overweight

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According to a study led by St Michaels Hospital of Unity Health Toronto which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that the children drinking whole milk had less chances of becoming obese or overweight compared to children who drink reduced-fat milk.

The study was based on 28 other studies from seven different countries involving relationship between children who drink cow milk and risk of becoming overweight.

The 28 studies involved 21,000 children below 18 years and the children who drank reduced fat milk did not show their risk of not being overweight. On the other hand 18 studies found that children who consumed whole milk had less chances of being overweight.

Dr Jonathon Maguire, lead researcher of the study said: “The majority of children in Canada and the United States consume cow’s milk on a daily basis and it is a major contributor of dietary fat for many children,”.

“In our review, children following the current recommendation of switching to reduced-fat milk at age two were not leaner than those consuming whole milk,” he added.

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