Cleaning vagina with cucumber may put you at risk of HIV, gonorrhea

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The youth are following a new trend known as vaginal facial that involves inserting cold cucumber (after peeling)  in the vagina before twisting it around for about 20 minutes can leave you at risk of developing sexual diseases like HIV and gonorrhea.

Even though bloggers and alternative health therapists are suggesting women to clean their lady parts with cucumber, doctors are against this suggestion.

Some others also suggest that one should sleep with it or leave it in the vagina till it becomes warm completely.

They say that as the cucumber is high in vitamins, it helps in sanitization and also maintains a pleasant odour in the abdominal region.



But according to doctors, vaginas are self cleaning and they do not require extra help to keep them fresh and even soap is also not required.

Doctors also added that by using a cucumber as a natural douche it can put you at risk of developing infections like HIV and gonorrhea as the fruit disturbs the natural pH balance of the vagina.

Attempts to clean private parts can do more harm than good as per the doctors. Cleaning vagina with extra agents damages lactobacilli and mucosa and if she is exposed to more risk of getting gonorrhea or HIV if exposed. It also creates an odour.

The vegetable patch may contain all kinds of fungi or anything which settles in the vagina and create further problems.

So instead of making an attempt to clean vagina, you can just clean it using mild shower soap or cream and water to wash the vagina outside of the bottom, front and back.

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