Clover Health launches chronic diseases-focused Clover Therapeutics

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California-based healthcare company Clover Health has launched a new research subsidiary, called Clover Therapeutics, which will focus on developing drugs for older adults for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Clover Therapeutics has started its journey by signing a research collaboration and license agreement with Roche’s subsidiary Genentech to better understand the genomic factors that increase an individual’s chances of getting ocular diseases.

Cheng Zhang – Head of Clover Therapeutics said: “Clover Therapeutics was created to address the significant unmet needs in chronic progressive diseases in the Medicare population.

“By partnering with our members to study the clinical and genetic drivers of ocular diseases, combined with Genentech’s pioneering history of drug discovery and development in this area, we hope to improve the quality of life for seniors living with these conditions.”

Clover Health launches chronic diseases-focused Clover Therapeutics

Clover Health launches chronic diseases-focused Clover Therapeutics

James Sabry –  Global Head of Pharma Partnering at Roche said: “Partnering with Clover Therapeutics will help further our understanding of ocular disease through our shared vision of using clinical and genomic data to develop personalized medicines.”

Clover Health said that bringing innovative, high-quality medical solutions to all patients under its care makes it stand out among Medicare Advantage plans. The healthcare company said that the work of Clover Therapeutics extends this mission, as it aims to fast track the development of treatments for diseases that commonly affect older people.

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