Coronavirus Symptoms in humans, Coronavirus treatment & prevention

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Coronaviruses are a group of viruses which are commonly found among animals and cause mild to moderate respiratory problems in humans.

These viruses are zoonotic, which can be transmitted to humans from animals in rare cases as per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Coronavirus is a new virus that has killed more than 800 people since 2012 by causing Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and belongs to the same family of the virus that causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

SARS that killed more than 700 people was first reported in 2003 in Asia.

Most of the cases have been reported in China and few cases were reported in Thailand, Japan, and South Korea.

Let us know about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome as these are known to be deadly.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS virus) causes respiratory problems with severe symptoms and was initially reported in 2012 in the Middle East. Three out of ten patients infected with MERS died.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is also a coronavirus that cause more severe symptoms. According to the WHO, SARS causes respiratory problems in addition to diarrhea, fatigue, shortness of breath, kidney failure and respiratory distress. Aged people are most vulnerable to the disease. SARS was first reported in the Guangdong province in southern China.

Coronavirus Symptoms

People infected with viruses experience mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness same as common cold symptoms.

Coronavirus symptoms include

  • Running nose
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Fever for few days
  • Pneumonia or bronchitis in serious cases

How to treat Coronavirus?

Coronavirus treatment can be done by taking pain killers and fever medicines as there is no specific treatment for the virus. The symptoms will disappear on their own with time.

To get relief from cough and sore throat, a room humidifier can be used or a hot shower can be done.

Sleep, rest and consuming plenty of fluids help to get relief from symptoms. Consult a doctor is symptoms worsen.

Coronavirus prevention

Coronavirus spreads from person to person when a healthy person comes in contact with the infected person’s secretions.

There is no vaccine available at present to protect from coronavirus. Trials are being done for a MERS vaccine.

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds and avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.

If you are infected, stay away from crowds and take rest at home to avoid contact with others.

When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose and disinfect the objects which you touch.

The severe cases of MERS and SARS can be serious for pregnant women. SARS-associated illnesses may lead to spontaneous abortion, maternal death or serious illness.

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