Cutera truSculpt iD body sculpting treatment gets expanded approval in Canada

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Cutera said that Health Canada has expanded approval for its truSculpt iD body sculpting treatment to cover its use for the reduction of circumference of the abdomen and non-invasive lipolysis, which is the permanent removal of fat cells from the body.

According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Medical Insight (MII), noninvasive body sculpting is said to be the leading non-surgical fat reduction procedure, driving a 14.5% increase year-over-year in body shaping procedures.

Cutera, which is a California-based provider of laser, light and other energy-based aesthetic systems, launched truSculpt iD Body Sculpting Technology in the US and Canada in 2018.

Designed as a non-surgical body sculpting treatment, truSculpt utilizes monopolar radiofrequency (RF) technology. The body sculpting treatment is said to be proven clinically to permanently remove stubborn fat cells by an average of 24%3, even in areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.

Furthermore, truSculpt iD is proven clinically to remove fat in just about a 15-minute hands-free treatment, completely customized to an individual’s requirements.

David Mowry – CEO of Cutera said: “Canada is a key market for Cutera and our full aesthetics technology product line.

“truSculpt iD’s global popularity among providers and patients remains strong. This additional approval from Health Canada reinforces the acknowledgement of the clinical effectiveness for truSculpt iD to permanently eliminate fat.”

Cutera truSculpt iD body sculpting treatment

Results of Cutera truSculpt iD body sculpting treatment. Photo courtesy of Anne Chapas, M.D./Business Wire.






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