Dr. Henry’s Vitamins introduces Prenatal Plus and Omega-3 for Women

Dr.Henry’s Vitamins has revealed their latest products, the Prenatal Plus and Omega-3 for Women, which are claimed to be made with the purest ingredients so that the body absorbs them all.

Dr.Henry’s Vitamins was founded by Dr. Henry Dunklau, a doctor of pharmacy with a passion to inspire and educate people about vitamins, supplements, essential oils, natural remedies and treatments and to take care of your health.

Dr. Henry Dunklau came up with these vitamins since when he was looking for prenatal vitamins for his wife, he realized that there was a lack of superior quality products with nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body.

Dr. Henry's Vitamins
Dr. Henry’s Vitamins Unveils Prenatal Plus and Omega-3 for Women. Photo courtesy of Dr. Henry’s Vitamins.

He had the notion ‘Superior Nutrition Through Science’, and so he created a supplement that comprised the essential nutrients that would enable a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Henry Dunklau also said that “I want to know that we are developing the highest quality products that will actually benefit our wives, mothers, and children.”

His commitment to understanding how our bodies use the ingredients and his continuous efforts to get the purest form of ingredient led to the creation of the Prenatal Plus Vitamin and Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement. Dr. Henry Dunklau had found suitable partners who believed in his crusade to only make the best products that are backed by science.

Dr.Henry’s Vitamins claims that their products have been made and from completely organic ingredients, and are gluten and GMO-free. Also, the vitamins have been formulated using a vegan formula and is completely hypoallergenic.

Dr.Henry’s Vitamins remains committed to developing more high-quality formulas with the aim of becoming the number one company to provide “Superior Nutrition Through Science.”

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