Eusa Pharma acquires iMCD drug Sylvant global rights from Janssen

Eusa Pharma has completed acquisition of the global rights of idiopathic multicentric Castleman’s disease drug (iMCD drug) Sylvant (siltuximab) from Janssen Sciences Ireland in an all-cash deal worth $115 million.

The deal was signed in July 2018 by Eusa Pharma in a move to significantly consolidate its footprint as a global biopharma company in oncology and rare disease.

Sylvant is approved in over 40 countries, including the US and the European Union member states for the treatment of iMCD, which is a subtype of uncommon lymphoproliferative disorders, called Castleman disease.

iMCD is a rare, life-threatening and debilitating disease, which causes unusual overgrowth of immune cells, and shares many symptomatic and histological features with lymphoma.

Sylvant, which is a monoclonal antibody, works by blocking the action of interleukin-6 (IL-6), a multifunctional cytokine found in elevated levels in patients with iMCD.

Eusa Pharma wants to market Sylvant via its worldwide commercial platform, which it intends to expand further into new markets.

The company wants to relaunch the iMCD drug in the US this month. It will also re-launch Sylvant immediately via its European commercial and medical infrastructure.

Lee Morley – EUSA Pharma CEO said:  “SYLVANT is a perfect fit with EUSA’s oncology and rare disease focus, and provides the company with a major opportunity to continue its rapid growth.

“As the only approved treatment for the devastating disorder iMCD, we have ambitious plans to bring SYLVANT to patients around the world. As part of this strategy we plan to use our established commercial platform in Europe, develop new commercial operations in a number of new territories, and leverage our significantly expanded US commercial team to relaunch SYLVANT in the United States.

“We are also excited to begin clinical development in new indications with high unmet need, as part of our plans to enable as many patients as possible to benefit from SYLVANT.”

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