ForaCare Suisse launches FOR A 6 GTel diabetes monitoring device

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ForaCare Suisse has launched a new cellular multi-functional diabetes monitoring device FORA 6 GTel based on its Lab in the Pocket technology.

The Lab in the Pocket technology, which has also been newly launched, is available on the GTel model and FOR A 6 Series products, said the Swiss healthcare technology company.

According to ForaCare Suisse, the 6-in-1 monitoring technology of FORA 6 GTel offers seamless transmission of 3G/4G data of six important health parameters through a single device. The health parameters included blood glucose, hemoglobin, hematocrit, β-ketone, uric acid, and total cholesterol levels.

Ty-Minh Tan – CEO of ForaCare Suisse said: “ForaCare is pleased to provide such simple, yet eloquent innovation to the healthcare marketplace. Given the importance of key health parameters to healthcare providers, we sought a solution to deliver them in a simple and timely manner. We developed this technology with patients and providers and their needs in mind.”

The FOR A 6 GTel diabetes monitoring device from ForaCare Suisse.

The FOR A 6 GTel diabetes monitoring device from ForaCare Suisse. Photo courtesy of ForaCare Suisse AG.

The new FOR A 6 GTel diabetes monitoring device is said to offer automatic upload of tests using a SIM card, while delivering the data directly to a Telehealth System and healthcare providers. As a result, the new device for monitoring diabetes is said to remove the use of a smartphone, while enabling fast and simple data transfer for improved patient monitoring by physicians.

The diabetes monitoring device also features real-time messaging between patients and physicians in a two-way communication mode courtesy of an easy-to-use UI design color touch screen.

The other features of FOR A 6 GTel are said to encourage patient compliance with audible voice guidance and 10 various reminders from physician to patient along with a service button for patients to ask for assistance from the health care professional.

The FOR A 6 GTel diabetes monitoring device is claimed to offer the highest precision and accuracy through its patented Gold Test strips.

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