GE Healthcare unveils Serena Bright mammography solution for biopsy

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GE Healthcare has unveiled new Serena Bright, a contrast-enhanced mammography solution for biopsy, which is claimed to help clinicians to detect breast cancer patients in a better way.

The company claimed that SenoBright HD contrast-enhanced spectral mammography is an imaging tool for diagnosis that has the potential to detect malignant lesions which cannot be seen on mammography or ultrasound in some cases.

Serena Bright is said to highlight areas of unusual blood flow to help localize lesions that have to be biopsied.

The new mammography solution’s is 510(k) is pending at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not available for sale in the country.

GE Healthcare unveils Serena Bright mammography solution for biopsy

GE Healthcare unveils Serena Bright mammography solution for biopsy. Photo courtesy of Bjoertvedt/Wikimedia Commons.

Agnes Berzsenyi – GE Healthcare president and CEO said: “We are thrilled to introduce this industry-first solution to equip clinicians with another key tool in the fight against breast cancer.

“Through a multi-modality and personalized approach, our hope is that we can find cancers earlier to ultimately improve outcomes and save lives.”

According to GE Healthcare, interventional and biopsy procedures are an important step in most diagnoses of breast cancer. In the past, for lesions that are not spotted on mammography or ultrasound, contrast-enhanced biopsy was usually carried out with breast MR, which could be more time-consuming, uncomfortable and also costly for patients.

Serena Bright is said to help in performing breast biopsy exams with the same mammography equipment and in the same place as the screening or diagnostic mammogram, said GE Healthcare. As a result, it can help in reducing time, costs, and improve the experience of the patients.

Dr. Corinne Balleyguier – Head of Medical Imaging at Gustave Roussy in France said: “This new mammography-guided biopsy technique offers an alternative to MR-guided breast biopsy, which can improve the patient experience and allow us to get answers to patients faster.

“We are proud to be the first in the world to be able to offer this technology to our patients and believe this will have a significant impact on breast imaging capabilities.”

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