Get rid of Tooth Decay as Good Health depends on Good Teeth!

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Tips for preventing Tooth Decay

It’s all about a tiny hole in the tooth that can take the life out of you literally! It starts off with a slight discolouration in the tooth, and then becomes a tiny black dot to a tiny cavity!

If you still don’t visit your Dentist at this stage, then be prepared for unbearable pain and swelling almost regularly, and this is when the infection gets spread into the pulp of the tooth. This is a common disease among several people of all ages and is termed as Tooth Decay or Dental Caries.

Causes of Tooth Decay or Dental Caries:

Dental Caries is a basic result of teeth being frequently exposed to foods containing high sugar content and starches. So next time you see a Jam bottle or plenty of chocolates in front of you, then do remember about your innocent teeth! Human mouth as such contains natural bacteria (like mutans streptococci and lactobacilli) and once that combines with the sugars and starches, it produces “dental plaque”, a substance that holds the bacteria tightly against the tooth.

The Process of Tooth Decay :

The left over food debris, which are stuck in between the gaps of the teeth, react with the plaque to form acids. It’s the role of the formed acids to damage the mineral structure of the tooth and soften it. As a result of this, a cavity is formed on any region of the Enamel (the outer surface of the tooth). The cavity region is the cause for sensitiveness towards anything hot, cold or sweet. Saliva present in the mouth dilutes the acids but this process of neutralization can take more than two hours. “Decay occurs in those areas where dental plaque lies on a tooth’s surface.”

Treatment for Tooth Decay or Dental Caries

The pits and fissures of teeth provide a locat...

The pits and fissures of teeth provide a location for caries formation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The starting stage of Tooth Decay is the discolouration of the tooth, followed by formation of a cavity. According to a well-known Dentist, it can take several months or several years to form a cavity from the discolouration stage. It’s important that at this stage, the cavity is filled up by the Dentist, usually with Cosmetics (previously it was with cements). If the cavity stage is neglected as well, then next is the most painful stage known as Tooth Abcess. Openings in the tooth enamel allow bacteria to infect the center of the tooth (the pulp). Infection may spread out from the root of the tooth and to the bones supporting the tooth. Treatment for Tooth Abscess is done by Root Canal Treatment, which is done for a period of 4-5 days. If prompt treatment of Dental Caries is taken, then Tooth Abscess is prevented to a large extent.

Agar aapki muskaan Sachin ki tarah chaahiye tho follow these General Tips and prevent Tooth Decay or Dental Caries :

Brush twice a day – once in the morning and once after your night meal.

Avoid sticky foods in the nighttime.

Brushing in the opposite direction of the teeth results in an effective way of removing the left over food debris.

Clear your teeth of all the left overs after you eat any sticky food like chocolates etc.

A regular check up with the Dentist is essential.

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