Is Graviola Fruit a Natural Cancer Killer Fruit? | Soursop Health Benefits

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Graviola which very much resembles a Custard Apple is a miracle fruit that is getting popular for its anti-cancer properties. Also called as Soursop, Graviola has many medicinal uses. Let’s see the many Graviola health benefits and check Graviola treatment for cancer.

A humble fruit, Graviola or soursop mainly found in the rain forests of Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, caught media attention a few years back when it was observed in laboratories that graviola extracts could kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells. This custard apple resembling fruit is easily available in various other regions as well such as Hyderabad. However, it is known as Rama Phalam in the Telugu, the local language of the city. Is Graviola really a natural cancer killer? Let’s take a look at Soursop uses and some of the health benefits of this fruit.

graviola fruit anti cancer properties

Graviola is beleived to fight Cancer

Where is Graviola Tree Found?

Graviola Tree is an evergreen short tree mainly found in Cuba, Central America, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Peru Venezuela and other Amazon rain forest areas. It comes as a ray of hope for millions of cancer patients as well doctors treating this disease. Scientifically known as Annona muricata, this fruit can be considered as a god gift for the entire community that is looking for a natural cancer cure. Though a lot needs to be tested and proved before it is declared as a proven treatment for cancer. Graviola is available in various forms such as leaves, powder, capsules and even in liquid forms.

Soursop or Graviola – One Fruit Different Names | Graviola Synonyms

Spaniards call this fruit guanabana”. Portuguese call it “graviola”. Brazilians call it by different names such as pawpaw, guyabano, corossolier, guanavana, toge-banreisi, durian benggala, nangka blanda, sirsak, and nangka londa. In South Indian state Kerala, it is known as “mullaatha” which simply means custard apple with thorns. In other Indian regions, it is known as shul-ram-fal and hanuman fal.

The fruit is large in size and tastes like a sour citrus fruit. It has while pulp that can be eaten raw or uses in preparing juice or sherbets.

The anti cancerous properties of this fruit are remarkable. According to some reports, it can be ten thousand times more effective than a regular chemotherapy.

Graviola Fruit or Soursop

Graviola Fruit or Soursop

Graviola Health Benefits and Some General Properties

  • Graviola or Soursop Cancer Cure Benefits: Though used for treating various medical conditions, Graviola has become very popular due to its anti cancerous effects.
  • Graviola has anti-microbial properties that work wonders in fighting fungal infections.
  • Intestinal worms and parasites are killed naturally by this fruit
  • Graviola is also used in managing and treating high BP
  • People suffering from stress, depression and nervous disorders have shown positive results after consuming this fruit.
  • It goes without saying that soursop juice works as a cancer prevention syrup.What’s more it is a natural fruit juice, therefore you won’t have any side effects. Graviola tree can easily be planted anywhere including Hyderabad.

Graviola Research Studies

  • Its extract kills cancer cells and is as effective as a natural therapy. Which is why Graviola is being considered as a chemotherapy alternative by a few people.
  • Unlike Chemo Therapy it has no side effects such as weight loss, hair loss and nausea.
  • Soursop extract is an immune system booster and protector.
  • The plant extract works against many deadly infections.
  • No matter how long the treatment continues, you feel stronger and healthier.
  • It improves the overall outlook of the persons who uses this fruit for treatment.
  • The leaves and tree stems are equally effective in killing cancer cells.

Graviola Tree Extract Benefits


  • The extract of Graviola kills the cancerous cells of colon cancer, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer
  • It does not harm healthy cells while killing cancer cells

Other Soursop Medicinal Uses

Soursop tree bark, leaves, roots and even fruit seeds have been used by medical practitioners for treating various health issues including:

  • Heart Diseases
  • Malfunctioning Liver
  • Asthmatic issues
  • Arthritis and Joint Related Ailments

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