Greiner Bio-One launches new MiniCollect K2EDTA Capillary Collection Tube

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Austrian medical technology manufacturer Greiner Bio-One has launched the newly redesigned MiniCollect K2EDTA Capillary Collection Tube, designed for collecting, transporting and evaluating capillary blood samples.

The newly redesigned tube has an integrated scoop which allows easy collection of droplets of blood after skin puncture, thus cutting down on the number of accessories needed.

When the MiniCollect tube is threaded into a 13x75mm carrier tube, the combination will serve as a standard blood collection tube. The new MiniCollect Complete gives the advantage of having the MiniCollect affixed permanently to the carrier tube, which can be labeled as the main tube.

In the previous version, the MiniCollect had a different type of tube format for venous and capillary blood samples which needed adjustments to be made to the settings on the analysis device. However, the newer version, the MiniCollect Complete tube, can be used for both venous and capillary blood samples without any adjustments to the device. Thus both blood collection and analyses can be done using the same tube.

The MiniCollect tubes also have a safety lancet which makes the needle invisible at any point before or after the puncture, which will ensure that the patients stay relaxed during the procedure. Once the puncture is done, the needle automatically retracts and is enclosed safely within the plastic casing, thus avoiding the risk of needlestick injuries.

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