Gsport creates cohesive bandages for human and animal patients

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Gsport, a Chinese sports medicine company claims to have created high-quality cohesive bandages for human and animal patients.

The company, which manufactures therapeutic products in its Zhejiang facility, has expanded its business into the US. Its products range from cold bags, athletic tape, and kinesiology tape for athletic care.

All the athletic care products are designed, manufactured and packed in the Zhejiang production facility. Gsport said that its products aid in the recovery process for people all over the world and they are so gentle and easy to use and can be used for animals also for their speedy recovery.

All the Gsport’s Non-Woven Cohesive Bandages can be used to treat humans and animals like dogs, cows, cats, horses and others.

Cohesive bandages are a type of flexible bandage that can adhere to itself and not to hair or skin so that it is very ideal to use in veterinary medicine. It provides support and protection so that muscles and ligaments can be treated.

These cohesive bandages are flexible and can expand to double its length and forms a tight bond while other layers of the bandage material give stability and support to the injured area.

Cohesive bandages are used by the athletes for strains and sprains, wrapping tightly to safeguard the area from further injury to non-medical use, like helping athletes keep pads and socks in place for longer durations.

In veterinary medicine, especially equine medicine, these cohesive bandages provide gentle support to limbs and joints so that animals can get treated faster and can move easily.

Non-Woven Cohesive Elastic Bandages from Gsport’s are beneficial for veterinary use due to easy-tear design so that vets and care-givers can easily apply bandages without other tools. Its self-adhering property allows easy application without hurting skin and hair on animals.

They are also sweat resistant and water-resistant and can be readily used by any active patient.

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