Haemonetics acquires German medical technology manufacturer enicor

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Haemonetics acquisition of enicor : US blood management company Haemonetics has acquired Germany-based medical technology manufacturer enicor, which manufactures the ClotPro whole blood coagulation testing system.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The ClotProblood coagulation testing system is said to be an advanced viscoelastic diagnostic device that delivers more assays than other hemostasis analyzers available in the market.

Stew Strong, Haemonetics Global Hospital President, commenting on Haemonetics acquisition of enicor, said: “The system’s strength in lab-based testing coupled with the TEG 5000 Hemostasis Analyzer and the TEG 6s Hemostasis Analyzer’s site-of-care technology helps us provide customers with a wide range of offerings in some of the most critical areas of medicine.”

Haemonetics acquisition of enicor

Haemonetics acquisition of enicor. Photo courtesy of Free-Photos from Pixabay.

The ClotPro system is claimed to have a unique active tip technology, which reduces the necessity for manual pipetting. The design of the whole blood coagulation testing system helps in reducing errors and removes the need for reagent handling.

enicor secured CE mark approval for the ClotPro whole blood coagulation testing system last year. The viscoelastic diagnostic device and is available currently in certain European and Asia Pacific markets. As of now, it is not marketed in the US.

Commenting on Haemonetics acquisition of enicor, Dr Andreas Calatzis – CEO and founder of enicor said: “Our vision at enicor has always been to extend the diagnostic options for clinics worldwide with respect to the management of blood coagulation disorders.

“With its leadership position in whole blood coagulation testing and its global reach, Haemonetics is the ideal company to accelerate clinical adoption and further develop our technology.

“This will also provide our employees with an even greater opportunity to deliver innovation while advancing care for healthcare providers and ultimately patients.”

Haemonetics offers a range of hematology products and solutions for its customers. It provides blood and plasma component collection, surgical suite, and hospital transfusion services.

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