Know about amazing piplamool benefits, chemical constituents and uses

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Piplamool or Pippali moola is Indian long pepper. Piplamool has many health benefits. Check out Piplamool benefits, its source and distribution, chemical constituents and uses in this post.

Source and Distribution of Pipala Mool:

The roots of piper longum are known as pipala mool or pipala roots. Fruits are collected after three successive years, then the whole plant is harvested by cutting the stems close to the ground and the roots are dug up.

Plant of Piper longum syn P. retrofractum

Plant of Piper longum syn P. retrofractum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The roots and stems are cleaned and they are cut into small pieces and then dried in the shade. The roots are cylindrical, slightly curved with swollen internodes. Roots are dark brown in colour with pungent bitter taste, they produce numbness to tongue.

roots alive!

roots alive! (Photo credit: jacki-dee)

Chemical constituents of Pipala Mool:

These roots contain piperine, piplartine, triacontane and dihydrostigmesterol.

Uses of Pipala Mool:

  • Used as emmenagogue
  • Abortifacient
  • Anthelmintic
  • Used for cough, bronchitis and asthma

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