Know about Vitamin B12 – The power house of energy, deficiency symtpoms

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Vitamin B12 is also known as Cobalamin. B12 vitamin plays a major role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Also know about Vitamin B12 sources

It plays a major role in the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is not produced by plants, animals or fungus. Vitamin B12 is produced by only bacteria as they only have the enzymes to synthesize this vitamin.

Vitamin B Capsules supplement

Vitamin B Capsules supplement (Image Courtesy: Zenithpharma)

Meat and milk products contain the bacteria which can produce this vitamin. Prolonged consumption of meat and dairy can result in inability to absorb vitamin B12 by the intrinsic cells of the stomach.

The levels of vitaminB12 may be reduced by super hygienic lifestyles, microwaves, mobile phones and the towers in addition to consumption of alcohol.

As the above usage is increasing these days, many people are prone to vitamin B12 deficiency. So people are suggested to take foods fortified with Vitamin B12 and should be consumed regularly.

Vitamin B12 deficiency may result in various problems including stroke and heart attack. Vitamin B12 is essential for all and to take supplements if required.

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms

The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include weakness, tiredness or lack of energy, anaemia, acidity and weight loss, nervous problems like numbness or tingling, muscular weakness and problems in walking, loss of vision, mental disorders like depression, memory loss or behavioural changes, anxiety and irritability.


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