Laryngitis – Minor Ailments of Air Pipes : Causes and Treatment

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Acute catarrhal pharyngitis. The oropharynx is...

Acute catarrhal pharyngitis. The oropharynx is swollen and red (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is Laryngitis?

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx, which is also known as voice box. This interferes with the breathing and causes the voice to become hoarse or to disappear. This condition may further accompany sore throat, measles, whooping cough or may result from allergy.

Prolonged overuse of the voice as in the case of singers and teachers, is also a cause.

Treatment for Laryngitis:

  • Take rest and go to bed.
  • Keep the room cool
  • Put moisture into the room from a vaporizer, humidifier or boiling kettle
  • Dont talk or even whisper
  • Keep a writing pad within arm’s reach and use it to spare voice
  • Drink warm liquids to get relief from some of the discomfort

Chronic laryngitis:

It may result from too many acute laryngitis attacks, it causes the mucous membrane to become more thick and tough and the voice remains permanently hoarse. If the hoarseness lasts for more than two weeks, doctor should be consulted for diagnosis.

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