LifeSignals to launch biosensor patch 1AX to monitor COVID-19 symptoms

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LifeSignals is set to launch its single use, wireless medical biosensor patch 1AX for the early detection and to monitor COVID-19 symptoms in infected patients.

The 1AX biosensor patch, which can be used in a hospital environment, is based on the cardiovascular monitoring platform which will be self affixed on the chest for five days that takes a note of temperature, ECG trace, respiration rate, heart rate and movement in real time.

The recorded data will be sent from the patch wirelessly and is displayed in real time in the user’s app on the phone. The device and its data can warn healthcare workers to take appropriate action if any symptoms are developed.

According to the company, the data will be sent to a secure cloud platform that allows healthcare persons to start successful mass population remote screening for groups in addition to those in quarantine, patients in their homes and vulnerable high risk persons in their homes.

LifeSignals to launch biosensor patch 1AX to monitor COVID-19

Additionally, LifeSignals is set to launch 2A, a Biosensor Patch in June that captures, stores and streams clinical-grade important signs data including SpO2.

2A, an updated patch will permit monitoring of COVID-19 patients who are recovering in ICUs and to move them to other wards or to leave healthcare facilities.

This patch allows a patient’s vital sign data to be monitored continuously in real-time at their places. With this, the patients will help in optimizing the use of limited medical resources and to free up hospital beds.

Surendar Magar – LifeSignals co-founder and CEO said: “We identified two key areas where healthcare systems are choked – consumers calling in about symptoms they are experiencing and lack of critical care hospital beds – and have designed these two biosensor patches which are suited for mass production.”

“To ensure the new biosensor patches become widely available, LifeSignals have created a fully interoperable technology that can easily be integrated into most health monitoring platforms, apps and healthcare systems.

“We are actively seeking companies and organisations to partner with to bring clinical-grade remote monitoring to a much wider patient base, helping reduce the burden on healthcare systems.”

LifeSignals had received FDA clearance for LP1100, wireless Life Signal Patch in 2018 July, for enabling the next generation of wearable, healthcare monitoring devices.

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