Mindmed acquires 18-MC opioid addiction drug candidate from Savant HWP

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Mindmed acquisition of 18-MC : Canada-based Mind Medicine (Mindmed) has acquired opioid addiction drug candidate 18-MC from Savant HWP for an undisclosed price, as per the latest pharma acquisition news.

18-MC, which is derived from ibogaine – a natural psychedelic substance, is being developed for addressing the opioid crisis and other types of addiction. The anti-addictive molecule was previously funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

As part of the deal, the leadership team of Savant HWP that includes researchers and drug developers will also join Mindmed, a neuro-pharma company, which is engaged in discovering and developing medicines based on psychedelics.

Mindmed said that it intends on addressing the opioid crisis and other types of addiction by developing next-generation versions of LSD, psilocybin, ibogaine, and other psychedelic substances. The neuro-pharma company is developing a pipeline of drugs derived from the psychedelics to make use of their medicinal properties and benefits.

Stephen Hurst – Mindmed Co-Founder and CEO, commenting on Mindmed acquisition of 18-MC, said: “This is the next step in using cutting edge research, medicine and science to begin helping and curing people who have been affected by the opioid crisis.”

Mindmed acquisition of 18-MC Stephen Hurst

Mindmed acquisition of 18-MC : Stephen Hurst – Mindmed Co-Founder and CEO. Photo courtesy of Mind Medicine, Inc. (Mindmed).

Ibogaine has been historically successful in treating mainly heroin addicts. 18-MC is said to have been synthesized to be non-hallucinogenic while retaining the anti-addictive properties of ibogaine. Mindmed is now preparing the opioid addiction drug candidate for a phase 2 FDA clinical trial targeting opioid use disorder.

Commenting on Mindmed acquisition of 18-MC, JR Rahn – Mindmed Co-Founder and Board Member, said: “We believe that hallucinogenic therapies have great merit and benefits for treating addiction.

“But, undergoing a ‘psychedelic trip’ might be a daunting proposition to some patients. We want patients to pick up these medicines from their local pharmacy with a prescription. We feel there is an immense opportunity to create next-gen versions of psychedelics for approval as FDA drugs.”

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