Mumps : Symptoms and Treatment

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Mumps Symptoms

Mumps Symptoms

What is meant by Mumps? Causes for Mumps:

Mumps is the pain in the salivary glands mostly the parotid glands. Mumps is caused by a virus named Myxovirus Parotidis.

Myxovirus Parotidis is a RNA virus, that means it consists of only RNA and proteins. DNA is not present in that virus.

In whom Mumps is Common?

Mumps is generally observed in the children with age group of 5 to 15 years.

Sources of Infection and Transmission of Mumps:

The source of infection is the person affected with mumps and transmission is brought about by droplets or through direct contact with the infected person.

The incubation period will be generally 18 days, it may vary to 2 – 3 weeks.

Symptoms of Mumps:

The person will have pain in opening the mouth, ear ache and fever. The virus may sometimes affect the kidneys and pancreas.

Treatment for Mumps:

As there is no specific treatment for mumps, vaccination may prevent the occurrence of mumps. The articles used by the patient must be kept separately and cleaned and the patient should be isolated until the symptoms subside so that the disease is not transmitted.

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