Olympus Corporation to acquire Arc Medical Design from Norgine

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Olympus Corporation, a Japanese optical products company, has agreed to acquire Arc Medical Design, a UK-based subsidiary of Dutch specialist pharma company Norgine for an undisclosed price.

The Japanese firm said that the acquisition helps it expand its offering in gastrointestinal therapeutic devices. Besides, the transaction will help Olympus Corporation in its development of advanced colonoscopy tools through mergers and acquisitions and also via research and development.

Arc Medical Design’s flagship product ENDOCUFF VISION is a device that is attached to the distal end of a colonoscope. The product is said to have been designed to sustain and maximize visibility during colonoscopy.

ENDOCUFF VISION, through its unique design, is said to have the ability to manipulate large folds, anchor the scope tip during loop reduction and stabilize during polypectomy and other complex procedures.

As per the terms of the deal, the Japanese optical products company will acquire Arc Medical Design and get full rights to its suite of innovative medical products.

Olympus Corporation to acquire Arc Medical Design from Norgine

Olympus Corporation to acquire Arc Medical Design from Norgine. Photo courtesy of Globetrotter19/Wikimedia Commons.

Olympus Corporation said that it will convert its existing exclusive distribution rights of ENDOCUFF VISION to a full acquisition of the ENDOCUFF family of products, which also includes ENDOCUFF, ENDOCUFF GLIDE and ENTEROCUFF, and also WIDE-EYE POLYTRAP and various products, which are presently in development.

The Japanese optical products company said that the acquisition of Arc Medical Design enables it to assume global responsibility for the product portfolio, including its design, manufacturing and business strategy with an immediate effect. Furthermore, it will enable Olympus Corporation to enhance clinical outcomes, bring down overall costs, and improve quality of life for patients.

Mike Callaghan – Vice President/General Manager of Olympus Corporation Global GI EndoTherapy Business Unit said: “It is a great pleasure to announce our acquisition of Arc Medical Design.

“ENDOCUFF VISION has been a pivotal tool in our EndoTherapy portfolio, and we are delighted to expand our product portfolio to include the entire ENDOCUFF family.”

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