PanTheryx, Zuellig Pharma launch diarrhea drug DiaResQ in Cambodia

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US biotech company PanTheryx has partnered with Asian healthcare company Zuellig Pharma to launch diarrhea drug DiaResQ in Cambodia.

According to PanTheryx, which focuses on addressing serious GI-related health conditions, DiaResQ is a nutritional intervention that is made up of immune factors, macronutrients, and micronutrients, that work with the body to address the root cause of diarrhea.

The diarrhea drug, in clinical trials, is said to have resolved most of the cases of pediatric diarrhea after one day of use. No serious adverse events related to DiaResQ were reported in the clinical trials that enrolled a total of more than 1,000 children and adults.

With the launch of the new diarrhea drug in Cambodia, clinicians will have access to a highly effective and clinically proven intervention for diarrhea, a disease that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of children in Cambodia every year.

DiaResQ, new diarrhea drug in Cambodia

PanTheryx, Zuellig Pharma launch DiaResQ, new diarrhea drug in Cambodia

Commenting on the launch of the new diarrhea drug in Cambodia, Jean-Gaetan Guillemaud – General Manager at Zuellig Pharma, said: “We are thrilled to work in partnership with PanTheryx, and find much synergy in our mission to bring innovative healthcare solutions to those in need.

“We are confident that innovations such as DiaResQ will contribute to reducing child mortality and improve the health of many children in our country.”

Recently, PanTheryx secured $50 million through a new financing round from Perceptive Advisors. By using this funding, the US biotech company intends to expand DiaResQ into new countries for the treatment of diarrheal disease and to fast track development of novel medical foods and biologics in its pipeline.

Scott Hyman – the Senior Vice President of PanTheryx, commenting on the launch of the new diarrhea drug in Cambodia, said: “Core to our mission is to ensure that even the poorest and hardest to reach populations have access to diarrhea treatment.

“Our partnership with Zuellig Pharma and the launch of DiaResQ in Cambodia is a true milestone for us as we work to fulfill that mission. We share a vision for the vast potential that nutritional interventions have to reduce the high number of deaths and enormous public burden due to diarrheal disease, improving the overall quality of life for families across Cambodia.”

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