PharmaEngine, Sentinel Oncology partner to advance SOL-578 Chk1 inhibitor

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PharmaEngine has signed a collaboration and license deal with UK-based Sentinel Oncology for advancing the new drug development of SOL-578, a checkpoint kinase 1 inhibitor (Chk1 inhibitor).

As per the agreement, the Taiwanese pharma company will finance the investigational new drug (IND) enabling studies for SOL-578.

Sentinel Oncology is a drug discovery company engaged in the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer patients for whom there is presently an unmet medical need.

SOL-578 is said to feature high kinase selectivity and oral bioavailability for targeting the DNA Damage Response (DDR) network.

Under the terms of the deal, Sentinel Oncology will get an exclusivity payment and PharmaEngine will have an option to gain the exclusive rights for developing and commercializing SOL-578 across the world.

If PharmaEngine wraps up the IND enabling studies and exercises its option, Sentinel Oncology will stand to get an upfront payment and development milestone payments along with tiered royalties based on future global net sales of SOL-578.

Yufang Hu – President and CEO of PharmaEngine said: “We are happy to collaborate with Sentinel Oncology Limited to activate the development of SOL-578.

“We are attracted by the dual function of SOL-578 in targeting the DDR signaling and cell cycle regulation axis in cancers. We believe that PharmaEngine can accelerate the development of this product based on our successful experience with a liposomal irinotecan, Onivyde.”

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