PureTech Health acquires LYT-100 for lymphedema treatment

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US biopharma company PureTech Health has acquired a clinical-stage product candidate called LYT-100, which will be developed as the potential treatment of lymphedema, and other lymphatic and immunofibrotic diseases, as per the latest pharma acquisition news.

The seller of LYT-100 and the financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed by PureTech Health. The drug candidate was originally being developed by the seller, a pharma company, for the treatment of another disease.

Based in Massachusetts, PureTech Health is engaged in developing drugs for dysfunctions of the Brain-Immune-Gut (BIG) axis.

According to the biopharma company, LYT-100, which is an oral, small molecule candidate, showed anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory mechanisms in preclinical studies. LYT-100, in a phase 1 clinical trial in healthy volunteers, was demonstrated to be well tolerated with a favorable pharmacokinetic profile to support daily twice oral dosing.

PureTech Health said that LYT-100 expands its internal R&D pipeline.

PureTech Health acquires LYT-100 for lymphedema treatment

PureTech Health acquires LYT-100 for lymphedema treatment. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/Freedigitalphotos.net.

Joe Bolen – chief scientific officer of PureTech Health said: “Lymphedema is a chronic and incurable secondary disease affecting millions of people, and there has been far too little progress made toward the development of meaningful treatments.

“There are no approved drug therapies on the market that can treat lymphedema. PureTech is working to address this need by pioneering an approach designed to target the underlying fibrosis and inflammation affecting the lymphatics to potentially improve lymphatic function and decrease the symptoms of lymphedema. We look forward to advancing clinical studies and continuing to progress the development of this candidate.”

PureTech Health plans to continue clinical development of the drug candidate in healthy volunteers and will consider additional safety and pharmacokinetics of LYT-100 before embarking on a human biomarker and proof-of-concept study, which is likely to be in 2020.

Daphne Zohar – co-founder and CEO of PureTech Health said: “PureTech is committed to developing a long-awaited treatment for the millions of people living with lymphedema.

“LYT-100 was identified for our internal pipeline through our expertise in the lymphatic system, and it is the first clinical candidate to advance from an ongoing sourcing effort that builds on insights from our team and our network of collaborators and key opinion leaders in the field. We also expect to advance other candidates in pilot clinical studies, and we will progress the ones with the most favorable clinical profile.”

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