Servier to acquire Danish antibody discovery company Symphogen

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Servier acquisition of Symphogen : French pharma company Servier has agreed to acquire Danish antibody discovery company Symphogen, for an undisclosed price to boost its antibody capabilities while ensuring that its own antibody discovery and early-development platform is fully leveraged.

As part of the deal, Servier will get access to Symphogen’s oncology and immune-oncology pipeline programs and also its antibody discovery and development platform.

Commenting on Servier acquisition of Symphogen, Olivier Laureau – President of Servier said: “The acquisition of Symphogen is an important step for Servier to meet its strategic ambitions to become a recognized player in oncology. Antibody-based therapies remain a key therapeutic modality within oncology and immuno-oncology, and with Symphogen’s strong antibody capabilities, this acquisition will boost significantly our R&D in oncology and in our other therapeutic areas. Our goal is to bring life-saving treatments to greater numbers of patients around the world.

“We thoroughly look forward to welcoming Symphogen to the Servier Group following the closing of the deal.”

Servier acquisition of Symphogen

Servier acquisition of Symphogen. Photo courtesy of Pete Linforth from Pixabay.

Servier and Symphogen have been involved in an immune-oncology partnership for more than two years.

Post-acquisition, the Danish antibody discovery company will operate as Servier’s antibody centre of excellence across its therapeutic areas. Symphogen will retain its current employees and it will run as a standalone entity within the Servier Group.

Bernhard Ehmer – Symphogen Chairman of the Board of Directors, commenting on Servier acquisition of Symphogen, said: “This transaction is a key milestone for Symphogen and its owners as it validates the strength of our oncology portfolio and attractiveness of our antibody technologies.

“Our existing strategic collaboration with Servier has demonstrated the strategic fit between the two organisations. I am convinced that Servier is well-positioned to further enhance the potential of Symphogen.”

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