Skin Problems and Disorders : Clinical Procedures

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Skin is the outer most layer of the body that covers and protects all the internal organs. Skin along with hair and nails are the parts of the Integumentary System.

English: Medical cryotherapy gun used to treat...

Medical cryotherapy gun used to treat skin lesions 

Some of the Clinical Procedures that deals with the skin problems includes:

1. Cryosurgery:

Cryosurgery is the process in which the affected skin tissue is destroyed by the application of intensely cold liquid Nitrogen.

2. Moh’s Surgery:

Thin layers of the malignant growth are removed, and each layer is examined under the microscope. Moh’s surgery is also called microscopically controlled surgery.

3. Skin Biopsy:

Skin lesions, such as pigmented nevi, chronic dermatoses, or any other lesion in which there is the possibility of present or future malignant changes are removed and sent to the pathology laboratory for examination.

4. Testing of Skin for Allergy or Disease:

Testing of skin for Allergy: For testing the skin, if there is allergic reaction, a small piece of gauze or filter paper is applied in which the suspected allergy causing substance is placed.

Intra-dermal tests are performed by injecting a reactive substance between layers of the skin and observing the skin for a subsequent reaction. This test is used for the detection of sensitivity to infectious agents such as tuberculosis or diphtheria. Strong reactions indicate ongoing infection.

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