Terason, DiA bring AI-based cardiac solutions for ultrasound devices

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Terason, a US ultrasound imaging company, has partnered with DiA Imaging Analysis, an artificial intelligence-based solutions provider for ultrasound analysis, to provide cardiac solutions for the former’s point-of-care ultrasound devices.

The partnership is expected to help clinicians in hospitals and outpatient settings with more accurate and objective image analysis, who otherwise commonly analyze ultrasound images visually.

DiA Imaging Analysis’ LVivo Toolbox, which is an FDA-cleared and CE-marked cardiac solution, utilizes its pattern identification, machine learning and deep learning-based technology to detect cardiac functions and abnormalities.

The AI-based algorithms of the LVivo Toolbox are said to produce fast, quantitative and objective results that help in the decision-making process of clinicians while reducing the subjectivity related to cardiac ultrasound analysis.

Dr. Alice Chiang – Terason CEO and founder said: “Left ventricle analysis represents the most frequent indication for an echo study and is pivotal for patient evaluation, management, and as an indicator for treatment initiation.

“We always strive to offer users the most innovative solutions. By joining with DiA, we will empower users with our best-in-class devices together with DiA’s most powerful automated algorithms, that provide superior solutions for managing patients with heart failure or cardiovascular disease.”

Terason, on the other hand, is claimed to have manufactured thousands of portable ultrasound systems since 2000 for ultrasound-guided venous intervention. The company’s devices assist clinicians to detect and treat a wide variety of pathologies to enhance patient management.

Terason is claimed to be the first company that converted a laptop into an ultrasound machine. The company’s systems are used routinely in the areas of cardiology, interventional radiology, vascular surgery, nephrology, endocrinology, musculoskeletal and breast surgery.

Hila Goldman-Aslan – DiA Imaging Analysis CEO and Co-Founder said: “DiA and Terason have many shared values, and I am pleased that we have joined forces.

“The point-of-care ultrasound market is evolving quickly, and AI is driving this market. Partnering with Terason is another step toward accomplishing DiA’s vision to make ultrasound analysis smarter and accessible to all.”

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