Testicular Biopsy – Indications, How is it Done? Results

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B0007661 Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

B0007661 Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Testicular biopsy is a diagnostic surgical procedure done in azoospermic male individuals to find out whether there is sperm production or not in the testis. A small piece of testicular tissue is removed and sent to the laboratory in an isotonic medium to find spermatozoa in them.

What are the indications for Testicular Biopsy?

  • In severe male factor men whose ejaculate is azoospermic, with a normal sized testis and with slightly elevated FSH levels
  • To retrieve sperms for the use of ICSI cycles

How Testicular Biopsy is done?

Testicular biopsy is usually done under local anesthesia. sometimes it is done under general anesthesia also. The surgical procedure will be done by a urologist. After exposure of the testis 2-3 small pieces are cut and removed carefully. One piece is sent for histopathological examination. The remaining 2 pieces will be sent to the andrology lab in a small quantity of isotonic medium to study the presence of spermatozoa and to cryopreserve the biopsy material for use in ICSI procedures.

Interpretation of results of Testicular Biopsy :

If the sperms are present in the testicular mass it will be confirmed that a block is present in the male reproductive tract obstructing the passage of sperms. In this positive result the individual will be advised to go in for assisted reproductive procedures and to cryopreserve the testicular tissue for future use. In some individuals the spermatogesis will be arrested at one stage or other. (Maturation arrest) Such individuals will be advised to go for donor semen if they want to have children.

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