Victory Nutrition launches PerformLyte electrolyte, phytonutrient formula

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Victory Nutrition International has launched PerformLyte, new Prodosomed electrolyte and phytonutrient formula, which is said to promote immunity, proper pH, hydration, strength, endurance, and recovery.

The new electrolyte and phytonutrient formula does not contain any sugar or stimulants, as per the Pennsylvania-based company.

PerformLyte PL425 PEC is claimed to be even more unique as it is Prodosomed to ensure quick and sustained absorption of nutrients. The benefits of better-absorbed minerals mean more electrolytes for nourishing and promoting essential electrical functions of cells in the body, said Victory Nutrition International.

The new electrolyte and phytonutrient formula is said to help the body in moving better, have more energy, bring down lactic acid to help in relaxing the muscles, and in sustaining proper pH balance.

According to Victory Nutrition International, the PerformLyte dietary supplement is said to include a complete comprehensive blend of electrolytes, enriched with a formula of phytoceuticals which is abundant in bioflavonoids and antioxidants to improve electrolyte benefits, energy, immunity, and oxygen utilization.

PerformLyte is a new electrolyte and phytonutrient formula from Victory Nutrition International

PerformLyte is a new electrolyte and phytonutrient formula from Victory Nutrition International. Photo courtesy of Victory Nutrition International, Inc.

Unlike most electrolyte products that are confined to sodium, potassium, or magnesium, PerformLyte is claimed to have a complete spectrum of trace minerals, including nickel, zinc, and selenium. Many of the electrolytes in PerformLyte are said to be derived from trace minerals in pure natural seawater, making it more powerful and synergistic.

Victory Nutrition International further says that the full range of naturally occurring electrolytes from seawater offers the same proportions of electrolytes that are present in human blood.

PerformLyte is said to give energy without any stimulants or sugar and its ElevATP formula has ancient peat and apple extract to help in natural energy.

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