Wayne Pharmaceuticals launches Dr Wayne’s Aspirin in US

Wayne Pharmaceuticals has launched Dr Wayne’s Aspirin Tablets in the US in a bottle package containing 300 tablets, each having 81mg strength.

Dr. Wayne’s Aspirin is an enteric-coated tablet which does not upset the stomach.

Aspirin tablets are mainly used to lower the stroke risk in persons who had a mini-stroke (transient ischemic attack) or stroke due to blood clot.

The drug can be used to prevent myocardial infarction in patients with cardiovascular disease as it prevents clot formation.

Dr. Wayne's Aspirin can be purchased from Amazon US
Dr. Wayne’s Aspirin can be purchased from Amazon US. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Aspirin is also used to get relief from pain as an analgesic without any anesthesia or loss of consciousness. It can also reduce inflammation if taken in higher doses.

Dr. Wayne’s Aspirin is said to be beneficial to African Americans as they are at a higher risk of cardiovascular problems. Aspirin is used to reduce fever and inflammation, for pain relief, as a blood thinner to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Dr Mathew Whitest – CEO of Wayne Pharmaceuticals said: “The commercial opportunity for Dr. Wayne’s Aspirin Tablet is very meaningful. The launch of this healthcare product is a key part of a concerted and ongoing effort to add new and effective products to our offering.

“Since last year, Wayne Pharmaceuticals has been marketing several products and we want to maintain our launch pace moving forward. We are continuing to make considerable investments in product development and expanding in-licensing opportunities in order to replenish our pipeline, and add revenues and enhance profitability. Producing high-quality, affordable, generic medicines for millions of patients, is our commitment at Wayne Pharmaceuticals.”

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