Weight Loss Tips : Know how to suppress your appetite naturally

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People are becoming overweight due to changes in lifestyle or may be due to hereditary factors. In this post let us see how to suppress the appetite naturally.

Are you Overweight? Want to reduce your weight naturally, then follow some of the below tips to suppress the appetite naturally:

We have a lot of drugs in the market that promise us in weight reduction quickly even without lifting a finger. But they will be accompanied by the side effects as they are prepared from the chemicals.

So we need to suppress our appetite naturally by controlling the diet and listing out the foods which are to be eaten and which foods have to be avoided.

We also need to follow some tips to reduce our appetite naturally.

The natural options are safe and healthy to follow and we are not prone to any unwanted effects.

Some of the tips that acts as natural appetite suppressants include:

The term "natural" is applied to man...

The term “natural” is applied to many foods, but does not have a consistent meaning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If one wants to suppress the appetite naturally, first he need to change the diet habits and life style.

  • One of the best option includes the inclusion of the fiber rich diet. The diet rich in fibers are digested slowly and gives your stomach is full feeling and does not make you to feel hungry immediately. It prevents you from over eating.
  • The soluble fibers such as oats, psyllium, legumes, barley, fruits, vegetables and flax fibers form a gel as they move along the digestive tract and makes you stomach full feeling.
  • Some of the foods with high content of fibers are brown rice, whole wheat bread, oat meal, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and beans etc.
  • Soluble fibers are also involved in the regulation of the fat and the cholesterol and trap them during the process of digestion, making them to be excreted instead of getting digested.
  • Drink plenty of water when you feel hungry slightly. Drinking of 8 glasses of water a day keeps your body hydrated properly. The water has to be drunk early in the morning after getting up with an empty stomach. Water should also be drunk half an hour before and after taking meal daily. Actually water does not suppress the appetite but leaves less space in the stomach for the food we eat.
  • Foods which are to be included in the diet are green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, fishes and poultry products in small amounts.
  • Foods which are to be avoided are sugar solutions, alcohol, proteins, dairy products such as milk, salt, caffeine and refined white flour products like pasta.
  • Lemonade which is a fresh lemon juice can be taken as it contains citrates.
  • Exercises have to be done regularly and it has to be made a regular habit.
  • Physical activity is a must for every one who want to burn the excess calories and to relax the body, which also helps in removing the stress.
  • Supplements containing vitamin B6 and magnesium have to be taken.
  • High protein diet has to be taken and this will control the appetite to a greater extent.
  • More lean proteins have to be included in the meals and snacks. The good sources of the lean proteins are poultry, fish, lean meat, egg white, tofu, dairy products that are low in fat.
  • Green tea is another natural substance that acts as a natural and powerful appetite suppressor.

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