XBiotech partners with BioBridge to develop plasma-based Covid-19 therapy

US biopharmaceutical company XBiotech has partnered with BioBridge Global to develop potential plasma-based Covid-19 therapy using natural antibodies from the convalescent plasma of recovered patients.

In this connection, South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, a subsidiary of BioBridge Global, is collecting plasma from donors for the potential treatment of patients having serious and or life-threatening coronavirus symptoms.

The project is a part of the US Food and Drug Administration’s investigational program for US blood centers, to collect and distribute convalescent plasma from recovered coronavirus patients in the country.

South Texas Blood & Tissue Center will give blood samples to XBiotech for the development of a True Human antibody therapy candidate for the potential treatment of coronavirus.

XBiotech partners with BioBridge to develop plasma-based Covid-19 therapy

XBiotech partners with BioBridge to develop plasma-based Covid-19 therapy. Photo courtesy: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay.

XBiotech has developed a clinical test to detect natural antibodies in human blood that work against the virus that results in coronavirus infection. BioBridge Global’s subsidiary QualTex Laboratories will use XBiotech’s test to find out the blood consisting of natural neutralizing antibodies in the recovered coronavirus patients.

Dr Sushma Shivaswamy – XBiotech chief scientific officer said: “XBiotech is working to contribute solutions to reducing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our unique human antibody technology at XBiotech has been developed specifically to address these kinds of issues.

“We are humbled to be able to support BioBridge Global in its effort to use human convalescent donor blood to provide remedies for patients hospitalized with this deadly disease. XBiotech will continue to use its technology and resources to support the effort against COVID-19.”

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