Corn Oil Cultivation, Preparation and Properties

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Corn (Maize):

Corn or maize is one of the major cereal. The Oil prepared from corn has many health benefits. It is grown well in the rainy season.

Cultivation of Corn:

The cultivation of corn is carried out in the countries like USA, China, India, Brazil, USSR, Kenya and Nigeria. Corn is cultivated in almost all the countries of the world and occupies the third rank among all the cereal grains cultivation.

Corn Oil (Maize Oil):

Corn oil or maize oil is a kind of fatty oil that is obtained from the embryos of the grains collected from the plant Zea mays, of the family Graminae. Corn oil is also known as mazola oil.

Corn Oil (Maize oil) Preparation:

Corn grains are a kind of caryopsis fruits and contain caryopsis, germ and endosperm. Fixed oil is present in the germ of corn grains.

Corn oil is obtained as a by-product, during the manufacturing of the corn starch by wet milling method.

The embryos rich in fatty oil gets separated by flotation.

The separated germs are washed thoroughly to remove the starch. Then these germs are subjected to high pressures for the extraction of the corn oil.

The extracted product is then filtered and refined by setting, refrigeration and clarification.

Physical properties of Corn Oil:

Corn Oil is a yellow coloured liquid with a characteristic odour and taste.

Corn oil becomes thick and rancid when exposed to air.

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