PostEra, NeuroLucent to partner on identifying small-molecule therapeutics for Alzheimer’s

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PostEra, a UK-based biotech company, has entered into a collaboration with NeuroLucent, a US company focused on developing drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

NeuroLucent is currently developing novel small molecule compounds that normalize a key calcium channel that is dysregulated in Alzheimer’s disease’s neurons and restore normal neuronal function in multiple preclinical models with the disease.

The collaboration with PostEra will fast track the search for a therapeutic candidate for NeuroLucent.

PostEra will leverage its machine learning technology to optimise the lead compounds of NeuroLucent via a series of ‘design-make-test’ cycles that has previously been demonstrated to speed up medicinal chemistry campaigns.

The UK-based company will also make use of its Manifold platform, which gives access to compounds via a global network of vendors and partner contract research organizations.

Bill Kohlbrenner – CEO of NeuroLucent said: “We’re excited about the potential of integrating PostEra’s technology into the design of more potent compounds.

“We are intrigued by PostEra’s machine learning algorithm since it doesn’t require detailed structural information related to the drug target.  We’re looking forward to seeing what impact PostEra’s AI solutions will have on our program.”

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