Tuberculosis – Symptoms, treatment and home remedies

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Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by different strains of bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is an infection that generally affects the lungs and in rare cases affects the bone, glands, intestine.

Tuberculosis spreads through the air by the cough or sneezes droplets from an infected person.

Even though modern medicine took control of tuberculosis, but antibiotic-resistant bacteria have emerged. The new varieties of tuberculosis have become a threat to the people.

Tuberculosis symptoms

Tuberculosis symptoms include chest pain, prolonged cough sometimes associated with blood.

banana pineapple for tuberculosis treatment

Tuberculosis treatment

Tuberculosis can be treated with multidrug therapy if detected soon. Once any of your family members is detected with tuberculosis, consult a physician and take appropriate medicines. In addition to medicines, you can also follow some home remedies for tuberculosis.

Below are the home remedies for tuberculosis


Milk is one of the best home remedies for tuberculosis. It is revealed that when a person is suffering from tuberculosis, his calcium levels in the blood come down severely. So boost the calcium levels in the blood which will have a boosting effect on the immune system. The immune system fights with the bacteria and it can cure tuberculosis. So drink a lot of milk as it the good source of calcium. It is recommended to drink at least 1 liter of milk every day which works as a strong and best medicine for tuberculosis.

Custard Apple

It is known that custard apple works well for tuberculosis as it can rejuvenate the drugs that are used for treating the disease. Custard apple in addition to multidrug therapy can play an important role in remission of tuberculosis.

For that simmer, the pulp of two custard apples along with some seedless raisins in low flame, continue this until around two-third of the water evaporates. Now take it off, strain and add two teaspoons of candy to it. Prepare this solution every day and have it, you will have much relief from tuberculosis symptoms.


Cardamon is a spice with antibiotic property and works effectively in treating tuberculosis. Add cardamom to tea and drink two cups of cardamom tea daily. This can reduce the symptoms of tuberculosis.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a good antioxidant and it can effectively fight tuberculosis. It can take control of the growth of tuberculosis and this helps the immune system of the patient’s body to fight the disease in a better way. So drink two cups of green tea daily to get relief from tuberculosis.

Honey and gooseberry

Amla or gooseberry works well for tuberculosis. Amla or Indian gooseberry is a rich source of Vitamin C and improves the immune system to fight against the disease. Consume gooseberry along with honey as honey has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. This combination works as an effective remedy for tuberculosis.

For this take a daily dose of one tablespoon of fresh amla juice and honey to treat tuberculosis.


Pineapple is a time-tested remedy for tuberculosis and it is observed that the fruit can aid in the recovery of tuberculosis-infected patients. It dissolves the mucus and for this consume one glass of pineapple juice daily for best results. You should take this in addition to drugs to cure the disease slowly.


You have to exercise as it is god for your body when you are recovering from tuberculosis. You need to take the required amount of nutritious diet and proper rest also.

It is a known fact that walking is the best exercise and you need to start with brisk walking for half an hour daily to recover from the disease quickly. Consult the physician before you do that.


Banana is an excellent remedy for tuberculosis and it works best during advanced stages of the disease. Eat 2 bananas daily along with other home remedies. This will speed up the recovery process from tuberculosis.


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