Tulsi boosts immunity, keeps you safe from viruses and flu

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We need to boost our immunity to become resistant to viral infections, cold flu etc.

Tulsi is an immune booster with many medicinal properties. We all know that Tulsi is known as Holy Basil and it comes to aid in many home remedies.

Tulsi is worshipped as a goddess in India. Tulsi leaves are considered as nature’s best antibiotic with its bitter and astringent leaves.

It is recommended to start the day by chewing two to three fresh leaves on an empty stomach.

Below are the easiest ways to use Tulsi to boost up your immunity and to get rid of seasonal and dangerous viral infections and flu.

Fresh Tulsi leaves are regarded as an adaptogen or anti-stress agent. By chewing 10-12 leaves daily, you can keep your blood pressure under control, thus you can be relieved of stress.  It also purifies the blood and prevents common ailments.

You can make a herbal juice which is a concoction of fresh tulsi leaves, ajwain, cumin, mango powder, salt and mint leaves by boiling together in water for 15 minutes. After it becomes warm, you an consume and is useful to get relief from dehydration.

Boil fresh tulsi leaves, ginger, black pepper, cardamom and cinnamon together and strain the liquid. Drinking this water daily can help you to recover from malaria and dengue.

The combination of tulsi with honey and turmeric aids in digestion by stimulating the flow of bile. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that help you to protect from cold and cough.

Tulsi tea can be prepared using tulsi leaves, jaggery, water and lemon juice. It is good for digestion and also has anti-bacterial properties to prevent the attack of seasonal fever and flu.

Fresh paste of tulsi leaves blended with sandalwood powder can be applied on the forehead to get relief from heat, headache and to become cool.

The fresh Tulsi juice is an effective remedy for eye disorders like sore eyes and night-blindness which is caused due to Vitamin A deficiency. It is recommended to add a drop of black basil juice into the eyes every day before sleeping for good results.

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